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2-stroke low speed Diesel Engine Power Plants

  • 2-stroke
  • Macau

2-stroke low speed diesel engines are mainly used for:

BWSC’s 2-stroke diesel engine power plants possess the following principal characteristics
  • Unrivaled specific fuel consumption
  • Extremely low maintenance costs
  • Successful operation on a wide range of fuels such as natural gas and any liquid fuel including heavy fuel oil, low grade and off-spec.
  • Operating efficiency and output maintained over many years with minimal degradation
  • Exceptionally high levels of availability and reliability
  • Expected lifespan of 25-30 years.

Diesel engines - The best choice

Diesel engines have proven to be the world’s leading technology as prime movers for base-load power generation.

Diesel engine power generation using heavy and residual fuel oils results in very competitive prices per kWh due to:
  • Electrical efficiency up to 50% in Open Cycle and over 50% in Diesel Combined Cycle
  • Full nominal output up to 35oC ambient temperature
  • Flexible and fuel-efficient operation under part-load conditions
  • Less than 1% efficiency degradation during normal lifespan.

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