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Trendsetting Biogas Plants - For reliable operation and superior feasibility

  • biogas tank 660X200

Large biogas plants are mainly used for:

  • Treatment and utilisation of a wide range of wet or semi-dry renewable biomass energy resources for production of methane gas as energy carrier 
  • Reduction of environmental load of organic waste disposal

BWSC’s large biogas plants possess the following principal characteristics:
  • Well-proven process elements and equipment based on 20 years operational experience
  • Use of livestock manure as a process stabilising base media to treat a variety of other wet and semi-dry renewable biomass types  
  • Thermophilic or mesophilic process according to biomass characteristics
  • Highly economic and reliable operation
  • Maximum overall environmental benefits
  • Effective pathogen reduction by use of thermophilic sanitation
  • Highly functional and reliable digesters with proper mixing, heating and instrumentation
  • Fully automated operation.

A life-long experienced biogas partner

BWSC has accumulated expertise within the biogas field through more than 20 years of dedicated participation in the market. Since the early 1990s, we have gained expertise and experience in optimising all biogas plant aspects to suit project specific requirements. 

BWSC's proven track record includes examples of reactors operating for more than 15 years without being taken out for service. 

The biogas process - A multi-functional technology
The biogas process utilised in industrial scale has proven to be a flexible and cost-efficient technology to address a number of environmental challenges: 
  • Generation of renewable energy with high CO2 emission reduction value
  • Reduced organic waste environmental impact
  • Recycling and improved utilisation of nutrients as organic fertiliser within the agricultural sector
  • Reduction of livestock pathogens and agricultural weed load.

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