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Brigg - The largest straw-fired Biomass Plant under construction in the UK
Brigg Biomass Power Plant is a 40MW straw-fired power station under development near the town of Brigg, North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, and is scheduled for commissioning in early 2016.
The Biomass Power Plant is being constructed by BWSC, and owned by a joint venture between BWSC and PensionDanmark.
The electricity generated by the straw-fuelled power plant, which will be enough for 70,000 UK households, will be fed into the national grid and will be offsetting up to 300,000 tonnes of carbon di-oxide (CO2) emissions annually.
The Brigg Biomass Power Plant is based on a steam / turbine cycle with relatively advanced steam parameters.
The process is virtually carbon neutral; the combustion of the straw only releases the carbon dioxide that the straw absorbed from the atmosphere during its growth. This saves the CO2 emissions which otherwise would have been released from burning fossil fuels to generate the same amount of electricity.
The Brigg Biomass power plant is being built on a 13-acre site which was formerly a British sugar plant. BWSC will operate and maintain the plant for a period of 15 years, under a long-term Operation and Maintenance (O&M) contract.
The straw-fuelled plant will use over 240,000 tonnes of wheat straw feedstock annually, which will be sourced from producers within a 50-mile radius. It will also use wood chips as auxiliary fuel.
The combustion gases generated in the process will pass through a complete cleaning system before being released through the chimney stack, and the ash produced due to the combustion of straw will be recycled for fertiliser.


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