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Power generation by utilisation of thermal energy resources, whether they are of fossil or renewable origin, inevitably leads to a simultaneous generation of heat as a valuable source of usable energy.

Cogeneration is the term used for applications where the excess heat associated with power production is utilised in some form of useful purposes, which would otherwise require primary thermal energy to be produced elsewhere. 
Given today’s high fuel costs and increasing environmental awareness, the utilisation of cogeneration has attracted the utmost attention to increase the overall efficiency of energy utilisation.
The traditional form of cogeneration is Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation, where excess heat is utilised in the form of hot water or to raise steam for heating or industrial purposes. However, there are also Alternative forms of Cogeneration which can raise the primary energy utilisation.

BWSC’s power plants based on cogeneration possess the following principal characteristics:  
  • Tailored and optimised to fit local energy use and demands
  • Maximum power efficiency as well as total efficiency
  • Total energy use efficiency of up to 90% attainable, and in some cases even beyond 100% (LCV basis) when condensing of flue gas humidity is possible
  • Cogeneration possible for all types of BWSC power plants, both conventional and renewable and for all types of fuel
  • A range of cogenerated products available.

Close cooperation with leading suppliers

BWSC cooperates with a range of leading suppliers to provide the most suitable CHP and cogeneration equipment and systems for any given CHP or cogeneration application.   

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