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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants

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BWSC can provide power plants with utilisation and export/distribution of excess heat to augment energy utilisation and plant profitability.

Supply of heating for urban areas or industrial purposes can be combined with any type of thermal power plant, but is most commonly applied in connection with gas-fired engine plants or renewable energy plants in temperate climate zones. 

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants are mainly used for:

  • Cogeneration of heat in the form of hot water, distributed by district heating network for urban area house heating
  • Cogeneration of steam and/or hot water for utilisation in nearby industrial processes.   
BWSC CHP solutions possess the following principal characteristics:
  • State-of-the-art energy producing unit(s) 
  • Heat extraction systems arranged to suit local heat demand and quality requirements and to maximise profitability  
  • Flexible CHP configuration to allow for variations in power and heat demand
  • Heat distribution system when applicable
  • Heat storage system when applicable.
Close cooperation with leading manufacturers
BWSC cooperates with several of the leading manufacturers of district heating systems and equipment. BWSC has the engineering capabilities to tailor Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant design to any special requirement.

CHP technology - A choice for the future
CHP and other cogeneration technologies are a choice for the benefit of the future and often also for the immediate power generation profitability. It is a key to reduce the use of primary energy for the benefit of the environment and resource management.
Also, renewable energy sources, which are not unlimited, need to be utilised with the highest possible efficiency to maximise environmental benefits.

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