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For BWSC environmentally responsible behaviour includes compliance with international standards, regional environmental laws, minimising impacts on the environment and climate as well as responsible consumption of resources and safe handling of waste. Our commitment is to improve continuously by providing leading technology and highly efficient products in each of our chosen markets, helping our customers to produce more using less. 

Carbon footprint

In addition to delivering leading and CO2 reducing technology together with our partners, BWSC places major focus on reducing the carbon footprint of activities directly owned and controlled by us. We currently monitor and report our energy use and carbon emissions emanating from use of office buildings, construction sites and business related air travel.  Detailed action plans and means for further lowering our internal energy consumption is work-in-progress and improvements will be updated each year in our Annual report.

Environmental performance of applications

The power plants delivered by BWSC and our partners are either based on biomass, waste, diesel/gas or hybrid technology. The BWSC biomass fuelled applications are in general accepted as CO2 neutral due to the fact that biomass, if not combusted would release the same amount of CO2 through natural decomposition. 

All BWSC built power plants, despite fuel type and technology, will always operate in accordance with national and international environmental legislation and standards.

We acknowledge we have limited influence on the project specification set by the customer. While we help our customers select the best power generation technology for the fuel chosen to balance the environmental and economic benefits, from time to time we will be building power plants where the life cycle CO2 emissions could be lower. Our plants will, however, always be more efficient than excising old power plants or assemblies of smaller generators, and always in accordance with national standards of environmental legislation.

Finally, we acknowledge that despite the increasing interest for renewable technologies, the economic advantage of the well-proven diesel technology still makes our solution attractive to decision makers. This is especially true for developing countries and island communities where the need for cost-efficient and reliable energy supply is essential for infrastructural development.  We will therefore continue to deliver and invest i engine-based technologies, where this creates added value and is the most sought after technology. BWSC’s power plants are, nevertheless, highly efficient making them less costly during operation and also more climate friendly than existing plants or generators. In addition BWSC can provide hybrid solutions involving a mix of conventional fuels and renewables, such as wind or solar, thus reducing the cost of operation.
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