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Making the impossible possible

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The 60 MW Samawah Power Plant is a Japanese grant to the Iraqi citizens and part of Japan’s contribution to the reconstruction of Iraq. BWSC delivered design, engineering, equipment supply, transport, construction, installation, test and commissioning to the project on a full turnkey basis.

The power plant was handed over to the client, the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, in January 2009 and now provides stable and reliable electricity to over 200,000 homes and businesses.

Significant challenges

Inland transportation

As the security situation in the country was unstable at the time of construction, BWSC decided not to send employees to Iraq. As a unique solution, an Inland Transportation and Security Contract was signed on 14 December 2007 to complement the original contract under a “Remote Supervision Concept”.

The scope included:
  • Transportation of equipment, including the 320 ton engines and 250 containers, from Kuwait to Samawah (a journey of 350 km) in 45 escorted convoys
  • Provision of up to 175 security guards for round-the-clock site protection
  • Training of 9 Iraqi engineers in the EU, Japan and on the Azores
  • Remote supervision of installation, test and commissioning.

Remote Supervision Concept

The Samawah Power Plant was built, tested and commissioned entirely via remote supervision by BWSC in Denmark without the presence of a single expatriate on site.

The Remote Supervision Concept consists of:
  • Establishment of a virtual site office at BWSC’s head office in Denmark
  • Establishment of a dedicated satellite connection for live audio / video communication between the site in Iraq and the virtual site office in Denmark
  • Establishment of live interface with the control system of the power plant
  • Implementation of an extensive training programme for Iraqi supervisors and engineers
  • Establishment of shadow supervisors and engineers in Denmark as counterparts to the Iraqi supervisors and engineers 
  • Preparation of highly detailed installation manuals
  • Establishment of an advanced IT system with easy access to all design documentation, mounting manuals, shipping lists etc.
  • Intensified quality control of all equipment sent to the site in Iraq
  • Frequent meetings with supervisors and client representatives outside Iraq
  • Appointment of technically skilled Danish-Iraqi engineers in Denmark.

Project success factors

  • Know-how and years of experience with turnkey power projects in challenging locations around the world
  • Thorough testing and analysis of pre-fabricated units before shipment to the site
  • Development of relationships with local counterparts and stakeholders
  • Effective monitoring and management of the project.

Technical details

The power plant consists of four 18V48/60 MAN Diesel SE 4-stroke medium speed diesel engines. 

The four power gen-sets have a production capacity of 60 MW in 55°C ambient temperature. To operate in these extreme conditions, the plant’s 32 radiator coolers feature water spray cooling.

Designed to be primarily operated on heavy fuel oil, the engines can also run on diesel oil.

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