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Technical details

Technical details for 2-stroke low speed engines:

  • Optimal for power plant sizes up to 400 MW
  • The roboust engine design combined with low speed operation ensures longer engine lifespan and longer intervals between overhauls
  • The 2-stroke design provides complete isolation between combustion chamber and lubricating oil, thus preventing contamination and increasing lubricating oil lifespan
  • Low speed operation combined with the 2-stroke principle results in longer combustion time ensuring complete combustion of even low-quality fuels 
  • Useable fuels:
    • Crude oil
    • Heavy fuel oil 
    • Diesel oil 
    • Natural gas 
    • Emulsified fuels
    • Biodiesel fuel
  • Engines operating on liquid fuel can be converted to operation on natural gas
  • Various emission abatement measures can be taken to ensure compliance with the most stringent environmental requirements
  • Further efficiency can be achieved by applying Turbo Compound Systems (TCS) and additionally by utiising waste heat from diesel exhaust gasses in Combined Cycle with steam turbine generator

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