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Technical details

Technical details for BWSC-large biogas plants:

  • Plant capacity up to 750,000 ton/year slurry biomass can be provided
  • Effective reception, mixing and handling facilities for the various biomass categories to be treated
  • Pre- and post-storage tanks to buffer transport logistics and allow process operation 24/7, 365 days/year
  • Pumping, cutting, heat exchanging and temperature control system to assure controlled process loading and stable process conditions
  • Well-proven, robust and reliable digester design to ensure optimum and stable process conditions
  • Biogas treatment and buffer storage system, a.o. to eliminate H2S and humidity before utilisation and to buffer production variations or allow for tariff optimised biogas utilisation
  • Biogas export pressurisation and transmission system allowing for optimum off-site use of biogas
  • Efficient slurry heat exchanging and internal heat or heat and power generation for own consumption
  • Effective odor containment, collection and treatment system to limit odor emission from the plant
  • Integrated or separate sanitation step to suit types of biomass utilised
  • Effective automated control system to ensure stable and safe operation, as well as unmanned night time/weekend operation 
  • Useable biomass feedstock:
    • Livestock manure and dung (Brown biomass)
    • Organic waste and residues from food processing as well as  organic household waste and sewage sludge (Grey biomass)
    • Dry crop residues, straw etc. (Yellow biomass)
    • Energy crops, fresh or silaged (Green biomass)
    • Marine biomass, algae etc. (Blue biomass) 
  • Optimum result and degradation efficiency can be ensured by selecting a proper mixing of the various biomass feedstock together with choice of process temperature, retention time and digester configuration
  • Reliable and flexible operation can be ensured by equipping the plant with suitable reception and feed systems for the various feedstock types to be processed.  

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