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The first biomass plant in Wales

  • Wstern Wood 1

The 14.3 MW Western Wood Biomass Plant is situated in Port Talbot, Wales and commenced operation and was handed over to the client, Western Bioenergy, at the end of 2008.

The annual power production is approximately 110,000 MWh which meets the electricity needs of more than 30,000 households.


To ensure a high degree of flexibility, the tailored biomass plant can be fired with forest wood residues and clean, uncontaminated residues from wood processing in the form of chips, logs and sawdust. Logs are received, stored and chipped before being fed into the boiler.

The biomass plant is designed to function as a base-load power unit, operating near capacity equal to 14.3 MW electric output. This results in an annual consumption of approximately 160,000 tons of biomass.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

The BWSC-founded joint venture, Western Biomass Operating Co. Ltd. (WBOC), was awarded a 5-year O&M contract. A highly skilled staff of 20 people are responsible for day-to-day operation of the plant (24/7).

WBOC is also responsible for receiving and processing all fuels delivered to the plant. Throughout the O&M contract, WBOC ensures the fulfillment of all necessary maintenance and support tasks and guarantees a cost-efficient operation of the plant for the client.

Technical details

  • The fuel handling system receives, stores, chips, blends and feeds the combustion plant
  • An advanced spreader-stoker fed travelling grate ensures complete burnout of the biomass fuel
  • The boiler utilises the energy released from combustion to convert water to superheated steam which is led into a MES-manufactured 2-shaft steam turbine converting the steam energy into electricity
  • A bag filter system removes dust and particles from the combustion gases
  • An air-cooled condenser converts the steam leaving the steam turbine into water before it is returned to the condensate system, where it is fed back into the boiler again.

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