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Waste-to-energy power plants

  • BWSC Waste 660X200

The world generates about 4 billion tons of all types of waste per year. Cities alone generate about 1.5 billion tons of solid waste per year and this is expected to increase to 2.4 billion tons by 2025.
Currently, three quarters of the waste is disposed in landfills, with only one quarter being recycled. 
Landfilling is environmentally problematic as decomposing municipal solid waste generates methane, a greenhouse gas, and as water leaching is a threat to surface and groundwater, and where laws and either ban landfilling or impose high landfill taxes, landfilling is not feasible. 
WtE plants turn the waste into valuable energy and minimize the need for landfilling. 

BWSC provides 2 main services to the waste-to-energy market:

BWSC 5-50 MWe WtE plants are based on combustion or Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) solutions, and are fuelled by solid waste (municipal, household or industrial) or RDF/SRF and can be configured for combined heat and power (CHP). 
To assist officials with developing cost effective socially and environmentally responsible high level strategies, the World Bank has released an evaluation of large-scale solid waste incineration plants, that can be viewed here: Technical Guidance Report.

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