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Gas Engine Power Plants

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Gas engine power plants are mainly used for:

  • Where Natural Gas (NG) or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is locally available at a favorable price.
 BWSC’s gas-fired power plants possess the following principal characteristics:
  • State-of-the-art gas engines from all major gas engine manufacturers
  • Electrical output ranging from 2 to 50 MW per unit
  • High electrical generation efficiency (up to 50%) independent of potential cogenerated heat
  • High total CHP efficiency (up to 90% or more)
  • Low air pollutant emission level
  • Low specific carbon-dioxide emission
  • Nearly constant electrical output capacity within a wide ambient temperature range
  • Exceptionally high levels of availability and reliability.

Gas engines - A highly flexible clean technology choice

Natural Gas or vaporised LNG is increasingly becoming available in densely populated or industrialised regions or near natural gas sources as a flexible piped and clean energy supply for various energy use purposes.
Gas engines of various types and sizes are ideal prime movers for efficient and clean generation of power or CHP within areas covered by piped gas supply.
Efficiency, load flexibility, reliability and low environmental impact are unique compared to other conversion technologies.   

Close cooperation with leading gas engine manufacturers

BWSC cooperates with all major gas engine manufacturers, such as Caterpillar, GE-Jenbacher, MAN, Mitsui, Rolls-Royce, Wärtsilä etc. and chooses the best suited engine type for any given application.


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