Our history

The power plant experts

Two companies reunited

A circle was completed in 2017 when BWSC acquired biomass and other activities of the Danish boiler manufacturer, Burmeister & Wain Energy (BWE). Both companies got their start as part of Burmeister & Wain (B&W) – one of Denmark’s oldest companies. Reunited under one roof and one name, BWSC provides power plant solutions worldwide using both engine and boiler technologies.

Biomass base

In 2008, BWSC was awarded its first turnkey contract on a biomass power plant: Western Wood – the first biomass-fired power plant in Wales. This marked the beginning of BWSC’s strong presence in the UK market. As of 2019, BWSC has built nine biomass plants in the UK, with operation and maintenance contracts part of the package.    

BWE was acquired by STF

In 1998, BWSC was awarded the IPP contract for the Sapugaskanda engine-based power plant in Sri Lanka. The power plant was our first IPP contract, and BWSC still operates and maintains it today.

B&W Shipyard closes

In 1990, Götaverken AB sold BWSC to Mitsui E&S Holdings Co., Ltd. (MES), Japan, via MESCO Denmark A/S. Prior to 1990, BWSC and MES had collaborated on several projects.

In 1980, B&W was split into several entities, and the engine division was sold in phases to MAN Energy Solutions (then: MAN Group).

The contractor division was incorporated as Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor (BWSC) and sold to the shipyard Götaverken AB in Sweden.

The steam division was sold under the name Burmeister & Wain Energy A/S (BWE) to the German boiler company Ferdinand Lentjes Dampkessel und Machinenbau.


In 1971, B&W's engine plant and shipyard were separated into two independent companies.

In 1977, the B&W Contractor division was established to increase the share of the stationary diesel engine plants. In the following years, power plant projects in Saudi Arabia filled the order books.

Boilers beckon

In 1955, B&W acquired a license for the Benson once-through boiler design, making it one of the leading companies for advanced boiler designs. The biggest boiler so far, with 2,000 tons steam pr. hour, was delivered to Asnaes Power Station. The latest design in form of the Ultra Super Critical boiler design for Avedore Power Station has set a new world record for fossil fuel fired steam power stations with its 49 percent efficiency.


In 1912, the world's first ocean-going diesel engine ship, M/S Selandia, was delivered by B&W shipyard.

In 1904, the first diesel engine was delivered by B&W.

The diesel revolution

In 1898, Rudolf Diesel granted B&W exclusive Danish manufacturing rights for his innovative, revolutionary engine, which he had introduced the year before. In the ensuing years, B&W’s diesel engines and licensed designs were used worldwide. 
(image: B&W2000 from 1933)

In 1852, B&W began supplying steam generating plants for industry and power stations. The technology has been at work ever, effectively making BWSC the world’s oldest steam boiler manufacturer.

BWSCs industrial roots

In 1843 Hans Heinrich Baumgarten, was awarded a royal license to establish a machine shop in Copenhagen. Baumgarten was soon swamped with orders, and in 1846, he formed a partnership with Carl Christian Burmeister. Baumgarten retired in 1861 and was succeeded in 1865 by an Englishman, William Wain, who entered the business as a partner. Burmeister & Wain (B&W) was founded seven years later and became Denmark’s largest and most important enterprise in the iron industry and became an international company with global clout.