Working in the UK

BWSC employs more than 700 people globally, with 250 staff members based in the UK. 

The majority of our staff in the UK work with operation and maintenance (O&M) for at nine biomass power plants. New construction activities are also underway in Hooton. 

Our guiding principle is to anchor O&M responsibilities locally at each power plant in close cooperation between staff at the plant, our central UK office in Sleaford and our Denmark headquarters. 

This means that the majority of our employees are local, ensuring continuous improvement in servicing our customers as well as growth and job creation locally. 

Experienced, devoted and skilled employees are our key asset, so it is vital and natural for us to build on the local skills and expertise of our plant employees. 

Our UK activities:

  • Brigg 
  • Craigellachie
  • Cramlington 
  • Hooton (EPC, O&M from 2021)
  • Kent 
  • Lisahally 
  • Sleaford 
  • Snetterton 
  • Tilbury 
  • Widnes 

We are continuously looking for qualified candidates for our power plants. If you would like to apply for local jobs in the UK, please send your unsolicited application.

Operation and maintenance

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