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Working in a matrix organisation

BWSC project work features knowledge sharing and collaboration across departments. 

A BWSC project is a dynamic work environment. That goes for a biomass boiler plant in the UK or an engine-based maintenance programme in Kenya. The reason? No two projects are the same, and every project is a meeting point of multiple stakeholders such as subcontractors, clients and utility companies.   

To handle the complex, dynamic processes of our projects, BWSC has evolved into a matrix organization. Information is shared between departments and collaboration takes place across the organisation, rather than in a traditional, top-down hierarchy.    

Employees from different departments are assigned project groups to focus solely on a specific project. Our matrix organisation is an important reason why BWSC is flexible and able to deliver tailor-made solutions to our customers. 

We are looking for candidates who can navigate and thrive in this environment. It might appear overwhelming at first glance, but if you seek professional challenges and possess top-notch technical skills, we’re sure you’ll fit right in at BWSC.

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