Power plants

Optimised power solutions

BWSC’s hybrid power solutions for off-grid applications is an attractive alternative to conventional power solutions.

In off-grid hybrid solutions, typical for mines in remote places, power generation from solar PV and/or wind turbines serves as cost efficient fuel saver for the reciprocating engines. The reciprocating diesel or gas engines generate power to balance the supply and demand of power in the system and provide crucial inertia for ensuring grid stability. In cases where short-term demand peaks are frequent, energy storage systems can provide sufficient energy to meet the demand. 

The energy storage systems can also be used to displace additional fuel and related costs when storing hours of renewable power for when the sun is not shining or the wind not blowing. In addition, energy storage systems can provide power regulation support, and thereby minimise the need of running engines. In some cases, storage can also substitute investments in engine capacity.

For the mining sector, soon the role of hydrogen as a fuel for the machinery will be relevant, and the hybrid power plant can be sized considering extra renewable production to guarantee enough hydrogen-fuel production.

Our hybrid solutions include any of these technologies:

  • solar PV
  • wind turbines
  • battery energy storage systems
  • fuel-based generators
  • biomass-based generators
  • waste-to-energy plants
  • electrolysers for hydrogen production

As part of the off-grid hybrid system, BWSC will install our hybrid controller i.e. an energy management system (EMS) optimising performance of integrating the renewable generation in the most economically viable manner, unlocking operating expense (OPEX) savings. This is part of the turnkey contract with BWSC.

BWSC is your independent integrator for any hybrid solution. We are technology agnostic and choose the most suitable technical solutions – and delivers fully integrated hybrid power plants with clear focus on security of supply, maximising the renewable penetration, decreasing fuel dependency and lowering the levelised cost of energy (LCOE).

Reduced OPEX

BWSC delivers innovative hybrid power solutions that combine the strengths of our engine-based solutions and renewable technologies from leading manufacturers. Clean and low-cost power from renewable energy sources can be combined with dispatchable power to obtain a reliable power supply at competitive prices.

Fossil fuel dependency is minimized and annual OPEX reduced and established with greater certainty.

Our turnkey hybrid power projects range from 10 to 300 MW and are optimised for local energy sources and site conditions.

Stability, security, storage

The hybrid power plant with the various generation technologies is designed to secure a stable electrical grid and can include energy storage systems as well. Simulations and optimisation algorithms are used to optimise the hybrid power system design and electrical stability analysis is fundamental in delivering solid engineered solutions. We offer complete hybrid systems as well as a retrofit of existing generation assets and renewable add-on’s where we could supplement and existing engine plant with e.g. solar PV, wind, energy storage and our hybrid controller to ensure optimum performance.

We customise and optimise hybrid power projects for specific locations. We can investigate potential sites, solar and wind resources and can also perform electrical analysis (both steady-state and dynamic) to advise customers on system configuration. This is increasingly important the higher the renewable penetration is. We can deliver complete turnkey solutions for the hybrid power system and utilise the synergies in the integrated design and construction of the system. We also offer post-construction services.

Independent integrator with full lifecycle deliveries

BWSC assists customers worldwide throughout all or specific phases of a power plant’s life cycle. BWSC provides project development and investments (in IPP projects), turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) deliveries as well as long-term operation and maintenance (O&M), technical support, service, spare parts and training.

BWSC is independent of any technology but ensures the overall performance of our hybrid power plant. And we are on the front development always assessing new technologies in order to provide competitive solutions. Currently we are assessing the production of hydrogen at the mine site utilising otherwise clipped renewable power by integrating an electrolysis facility into our hybrid power plant. This will replace the fuel costs for e.g. the long-haul outbound mining trucks.  

BWSC is your independent integrator of any hybrid solution.

Independent power producer

Operation and maintenance