Independent power producer

In many cases, the private sector must play an active role in addressing a country’s future electricity needs. This setup reduces the funding burden on governments, relieves the borrowing requirements of electricity generating companies and introduces generation technologies which a company may not consider part of its core function, but which may play a vital role in future electricity supply options.

We have extensive experience as project developer and investor

BWSC is an experienced developer of and investor in engine and boiler-based power plants. Hands-on experience enables us to support our partners in all aspects of project development – from potential lead to project implementation. Our full range of in-house competences enables us to take on the project development role, ensuring the following services to a wide range of customers worldwide:

  • project agreements – concession, power purchase, fuel supply
  • EPC and operation and maintenance agreements
  • project/corporate structuring and financing
  • credit agreements and collateral security documents
  • equipment and technology selections
  • permissions, authorisations, licenses
  • environmental and social impact issues
  • insurance
  • tax structuring
  • risk mitigation

In conjunction with the development role, we serve as the contractor, taking responsibility for the supply and construction of the completed power plant on a turnkey basis and providing operation and maintenance services for the plant’s lifetime.

Utilities and industrial consumers increasingly rely on Independent Power Producers and their ability to finance, construct and operate new, highly efficient generating capacity. This new capacity provides the low-cost power needed by local economies and industries through high availability and reliability rates.