Events | 23-05-2022

PowerGen International, Texas, US


BWSC will participate in the PowerGen International conference in Texas, US, 23-25 May 2022.

This event is a large network and business hub for electricity generators and solution providers engaged in power generation. 

Send an e-mail and book a meeting with our BWSC delegate, if you are interested in BWSC's biomass technologies. Looking forward to chat with you! 

BWSC delegate

Brian Jensen, Service Sales Manager


About BWSC

BWSC is a global energy solutions provider for engine based and boiler based power plants . Driven by our mission to deliver world class sustainable energy solutions, we help our customers gain more value from their energy investments by increasing productivity, improving fuel efficiency, and optimising operations. Our focus is on technical services, engineering, Operation & Maintenance, and project management. Having designed and built hundreds of plants around the world, many on islands or in remote areas, we have the flexibility and know how to deal with almost any limitation or challenge. Whether you are an EPC contractor looking for a reputable O&M provider for a greenfield facility, or a utility company looking for experts to deliver technical support, inspections, conversions or upgrades to your existing plant, we can help.