News and Media | 17-09-2018

BWSC presents power barge at Gastech conference in Barcelona


The BWSC power barge has set sail for the Gastech conference in Barcelona.

Ok, we only shipped our scale model of a 127 MWe barge (the real-life power barge’s 40-metre high stacks wouldn’t fit in the Fira Barcelona Convention Centre). But at Gastech, the world’s largest conference and exhibition for the natural gas industry, BWSC hopes the model will catch the attention of investors and energy sector insiders looking for a reliable power platform for coastal communities.

What is a power barge?

Built on a floating platform, BWSC power barges have a low draft of 3.5 metres, so they can be moored in shallow waters and free up prime commercial harbour space, explains Michael Kunz, sales manager for BWSC.

And because BWSC power barges are equipped with engines capable of operating on natural gas, diesel, heavy fuel oil or dual fuel, they provide a flexible component in the energy mix of growing economies.

“We offer bankable packages for remote locations or growing cities that need extra capacity to keep up with economic growth,” says Michael. “Our experience as a power plant supplier and our work with our sister company, TGE Marine, also allows us to offer and wrap the whole LNG-to-power package: power barge plus floating LNG storage and regasification unit (FSRU). We can even provide operation and maintenance.”

The flexible solution

Power barges also offer utility companies an ideal solution for replacing obsolete equipment or generating capacity rendered inoperable due to natural disasters or accident. 

“After the crisis situation stabilises, the power barge can be retained as additional capacity or towed and put into service in another location,” adds Michael.

In addition to discussing power barge options with energy suppliers and investors, the BWSC team is looking forward to joining our parent company Mitsui E&S and our sister company TGE Marine and at our stand. 

“Gastech is a great chance to meet with our current partners and establish new contacts,” says Michael. 

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