News and Media | 21-03-2018

Inauguration of Saint Louis Power Station Redevelopment, Mauritius


On 20 March 2018, BWSC was proud to participate in the official inauguration of the 67 MW Saint Louis Redevelopment project in Mauritius. The ceremony marks the 10th power plant delivered by BWSC to CEB over a 20 year period and is yet another confirmation of the successful partnerships that exist between all stakeholders involved.  

The ceremony was a fantastic event hosted by our client the Central Electricity Board (CEB) with participation of Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Energy and Public Utilities, the Hon. Mr. Ivan Collendavelloo, CEB Chairman Mr. Naidoo, CEB General Manager Mr. Shamsir Mukoon, and Martin Kok Jensen on behalf of BWSC. More than 200 guests participated in the celebration of this important milestone.

The original power plant was redeveloped by BWSC in 2004/2006, which included demolition of the existing power hall and replacement with a modern state-of-the-art medium speed diesel power station.

In March 2016, BWSC was awarded the second redevelopment turnkey contract for the Saint Louis Power Station. The contract was awarded with a contractual completion time of 18 months. Due to hard work and extraordinary efforts from all involved in the project the plant was constructed well ahead of schedule and handed over to CEB on 5 October 2017.

The contract comprised all services for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the power plant extension, including all required training of personnel, transportation of equipment and start-up of the plant. To read more about the project download the Saint Louis Power Station Redevelopment brochure below.

With the latest redevelopment project, BWSC has supplied a total of 108 MW to the Saint Louis Power Plant ensuring future power generation for the people of Mauritius with cost savings for the CEB due to highest possible plant efficiency.

A great thank you to everyone involved and for the confidence shown in BWSC.

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