News and Media | 10-08-2018

BWSC takes power plant services to dizzying heights


The view of Stockholm is great from the top of the 140-metre high flue gas stacks.

But there’s not time for our BWSC specialists to enjoy it as they repel down the concrete structures.

Using ultrasonic sensors, they’re checking the stacks for hidden signs of corrosion and damage. Every 1.5 metres they take a measurement and note the thickness. With sensitive instruments calibrated to a tenth of a millimetre, the crew can reveal trouble spots which would otherwise go undetected.

Any sections that fall below safety margins will be noted in the BWSC survey report. A compromised inner liner can allow exhaust gases to escape and cause severe damage, explains Michael Nygaard, Sales Manager of Boiler Services. 

“It’s less costly to properly maintain the stacks rather than wait until a critical failure arises unexpectedly” says Michael. “By inspecting the stacks regularly, BWSC can help our customers avoid repairs down the road.”

While the BWSC team repels down the stacks, the specialists also check safety equipment, mobile antennas, flight lights and other structures. Wind, corrosion lightning strikes, and even bird doo can take a toll on the highly exposed surfaces.

These stacks at our customer near Stockholm received a clean report.

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