News and Media | 29-08-2019

Benin inaugurates high efficiency power plant


Celebrations are underway in Benin as the country inaugurates a 120 MW power plant designed and built by BWSC in consortium with MAN Energy Solutions.

Benin has officially inaugurated its brand-new power plant, which BWSC designed and built in consortium with MAN Energy Solutions. 

The 120 MW power plant uses high efficiency, dual-fuel engines to supply electricity to hundreds of thousands of Beninese homes and businesses. The dual fuel capacity enables the power plant to switch seamlessly from heavy fuel oil to natural gas, making it the cleanest, most efficient dual-fuel fired plant in Benin.

Benin’s bright future

Until now, roughly two-thirds of the country’s inhabitants have had limited or no access to electricity. 

The power plant at Maria Gléta takes an important step in boosting capacity, however.

The project is part of the national government’s action plan, “Revealing Benin”, which includes 45 flagship projects aimed at strengthening economic development, consolidating democracy and improving living standards. Plans to bring the facility’s capacity up to a total of 400 MW are also in the works.

Benin's Minister of Planning and Development, Abdoulaye Bio Tchane, (centre) welcomed BWSC's representatives on Wednesday.

Know-how and cooperation

According to Nikolaj Holmer Nissen, BWSC’s CEO, the power plant demonstrates how BWSC know-how can quickly expand a country’s power producing capacity and help realise the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal for ‘Affordable and Clean Energy’.

“Less than two years passed from the signing of the contract until BWSC received the takeover certificate from the client,” says Nissen. “The power plant at Maria Gléta underscores how BWSC and our partners can join with public and private actors and deliver a highly efficient, high performance platform in a short time period.”

BWSC will provide operations and maintenance for five years with the option for a five-year extension. 

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About BWSC

Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S (BWSC) is a Danish engineering and contracting company that develops, builds, operates and owns high-performance engine-based and boiler-based power plants. The majority of the projects are supplied as turnkey plants, and BWSC has delivered more than 180 power plants to 54 countries worldwide with a total capacity of more than 4,000 MW. Currently, BWSC has on-going activities worldwide, including the UK, Faroe Islands, Japan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Benin, Mali, Bermuda and India. In 2018, BWSC had a turnover of EURm 290, and the order backlog amounted to EURm 1,063 at end-2018. In February 2017, BWSC acquired the Danish boiler manufacturer Burmeister & Wain Energy (BWE) and thus secured its position as a leading energy company on the global market for small and medium-sized biomass power plants. BWSC originates from the stationary engine division of Burmeister & Wain (B&W), which has built and installed diesel engines since 1904. BWSC was established as a separate specialist company in 1980 and was acquired by Japanese Mitsui E&S Holdings Co., Ltd. in 1990.