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Hooton Bio Power marks 250 days without injury


The Hooton Bio Power Plant in the UK passed an important safety milestone this summer: 250 days and 150,000 hours without any lost time injury (LTI). 

The Hooton Bio Power plant, located just south of Liverpool in the UK, relies on state-of-the-art boiler technology to combust solid waste. By creating ultra-high temperatures during combustion to gasify solid waste, the facilty will be able to divert 240,000 tonnes of waste from landfills and use it instead to produce electricity. 

Safety first

As the turnkey contractor at the Hooton Bio Power Plant, BWSC is responsible for all aspects of the power plant’s construction, including coordinating heavy machinery and managing the workers and tradespeople involved, who need to arrive home safely to their families every day.

The strong safety record reflects BWSC’s principle, “Do it safely or not at all…there is always time to do it right”, explains Stig Christensen, site manager. 

“We have over a hundred workers on site at any given time, many from the local region,” says Stig. “We dedicate considerable resources to planning safety procedures and making sure personnel have the time and resources to practice them.” 

To mark the safety milestone, BWSC invited a local dairy producer to serve up some homemade ice cream.  

Daily operations

Upon completion in 2021, the plant’s 24 MWe of capacity will be enough to power 50,000 homes. 
In addition to managing construction and commission, BWSC will also be in charge of operations and maintenance (O&M) at the plant for 15 years, which is expected to create about 30 skilled jobs in the area.

Hooton under construction, August 2019

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