News and Media | 13-12-2019

UK biomass-fired power plant celebrates three-year safety milestone


The Cramlington Renewable Energy Plant has just surpassed an important safety milestone: three years of activity without a lost time incident (LTI). 

BWSC designed, built and commissioned the biomass-fired power plant in 2017 and is still present at the site as part of an operation and maintenance agreement that lasts until 2030. 

According to plant manager Andrew Downey, the latest LTI occurred during the construction period. 

“Our impressive safety record can be attributed to careful safety processes where any trouble spots are immediately noted, discussed and addressed at our weekly safety meetings,” says Downey. “We don’t put off remedying unsafe procedures.”

To celebrate the milestone which was reached 26 November, staff received complimentary first aid kits and fire extinguishers to make sure safety continues to stay top of mind.

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