News and Media | 18-03-2020

BWSC has handed over exceptional power plant to the Faroe Islands


We are happy to announce that on Saturday 14 March 2020 we handed over the SUND 3 project to our customer Elfelagið SEV in the Faroe Islands.

SUND 3 is an extension to the existing plants SUND 1 and 2 and is located on the SUND Power Station site 10 km outside Thorshavn; the same location where BWSC in 1983 and 1987 installed the two 2-stroke units, which are still considered the backbone of electricity supply for the main Faroe Islands.

This newest extension is exceptional in its design and layout. The building site is a quarry situated by the fjord Kaldbaksfjørður, and the external walls are covered with local rocks to provide minimum maintenance and maximum durability. The atrium, located next to the highway linking the capital with the airport, has glass on the exterior and will at night be lit by lights making it visible for tourists and locals traveling to and from Thorshavn.

The power plant is designed to provide efficient and environmentally responsible power supply to the Faroe Islands. There is strong emphasis on restricting the impact on the environment by significantly reducing the level of NOx using the best available Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. The new powerhouse has been equipped with four 9L 51/60 engines supplied by MAN-ES and will complement the existing power station with an additional 37 MW power generation.

“We are very pleased to have handed over this very successful result to our valued customer Elfelagið SEV, including an exceptional architecture, unique design and very high-quality standard for a commercial power plant.  I would like to thank BWSC employees and the many stakeholders who have been involved and contributed to the success of the project. The current COVID 19 situation led to a decision to finalise the taking-over conditions via Skype and a virtual certificate signing. This is a first in BWSC history! “ says Project Director, Jørgen Petersen who is grateful to all who made this possible.

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