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UN SDGs Global Day of Action


At BWSC we are keen to do our part to deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and in recognition of the UN SDGs Global Day of Action, we would like to highlight some of our efforts to promote decent work and sustained economic growth (SDG 8). This is even more urgent now in light of the devastating impact the COVID19 pandemic is expected to have on global unemployment. According to the UN, more than one in six young people have stopped working since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic while those who remain employed have seen their working hours cut by 23 per cent. Implementing adequate health and safety measures and promoting supportive working environments are fundamental to protecting the safety of workers and creating job security.

At our O&M site in Kenya focus has throughout the pandemic been on securing the safety and livelihood of our employees. Our team at the BWSCs Rabai Power Ltd (RPL) has managed to safely navigate through the pandemic without obstruction to the running of the plant. Measures implemented includes introduction to work-from-home regime for selected staff following the Government of Kenyas recommendations, daily provision of facial shields (mask) to staff and families, limited COVID testing of exposed staff and donation of approx. EUR 50.000 in direct CSR support to surrounding community and a host of other initiatives designed to curb and mitigate the spread of COVID. This has enabled employees to work and safeguard the delivery of energy to businesses, homes and public institutions. All in all a situation that will further promote job security and economic growth. 

Rabai's three pillars

RPL delivers more than just power. Every year, the plant’s Board allocates CSR funds based on ‘the three pillars’: education, water, health.

In 2019, RPL distributed 2,500 copies of ‘The Hiding Hyena’, a booklet designed to raise young people’s awareness about the spread of HIV. Based on the book’s positive reception  other sponsors have shown interest for its widespread  distribution. To address water shortages, storage tanks were donated to eight neighbouring primary schools. School facilities have also been refurbished and seven new classrooms were built. A scholarship programme meanwhile helps promising students, so they can attend secondary school. Since its inception in 2012, some 45 students have received scholarships. RPL also added a diagnostic laboratory and a ward with a 20-bed  capacity at the local health facility. The additions fast-tracked the facility for hospital status and additional resources. The positive effect was immediately felt, since in the past, locals had to travel over 20 kilometres to the nearest hospital.

Close to a decade has passed since Rabai Power Ltd began operation, but it still sets the standard for efficient and reliable power production in east Africa. And continues to improve quality of life in the local community. If you would like to read more about RPL you can check out the articles further down this page.

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About BWSC

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The many lives of a power plant

Rabai, Kenya