News and Media | 06-02-2017

Burmeister & Wain’s two old energy divisions re-unite under one roof at the leading power plant specialist and energy company BWSC.


An industry-historical circle was completed this weekend with BWSC’s take-over of the Danish boiler manufacturer, Burmeister & Wain Energy (BWE). Two of Denmark’s oldest companies are hereby re-united under one roof.  

Both companies are historically rooted in the old Danish shipyard, Burmeister & Wain, and have for the past 150 years individually specialised in engineering and delivery of technologically advanced thermal power plants.

“During the past years, we have collaborated closely with BWE, and we know the company and many of its employees very well. With this takeover, we ensure our position as a leading energy company on the global market for small and medium-sized biomass power plants”, says Anders Heine Jensen, CEO at BWSC.

The merging of the two companies at BWSC’s head office north of Copenhagen, cements and secures the future of the strategic alliance between BWSC and BWE; an alliance, which over the past years has dominated especially the UK market for technologically advanced biomass power plants.

“BWE’s advanced boiler technology has contributed to BWSC’s success in the biomass market. The company has highly skilled employees and a solid customer base, which fit perfectly into our business. We look forward to strengthening and continuing our excellent joint venture and to building environmentally friendly power plants for the next many years to come”, says Anders Heine Jensen.

About BWSC

Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S is a Danish engineering and construction company, which develops, builds, operates and owns high-efficiency power plans based on biomass, biogas and engine technology. The majority of the projects are supplied as turnkey plants, and BWSC has delivered more than 180 power plants to 53 countries worldwide with a total capacity of more than 3,500 MW. BWSC currently has on-going activities in the UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Lebanon, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Kenya. Key elements of BWSC’s new strategy include floating power barges based on engine technology, and power plants based on hybrid solutions with a combined use of wind, solar and engine-based technology.  In 2015, BWSC’s turnover amounted to 2.1 billion DKK with an order backlog exceeding 6.6 billion DKK at the end of 2015. BWSC originates from the stationary engine division of Burmeister & Wain (B&W), which has built and installed diesel engines since 1904. BWSC was established as a separate specialist company in 1980 and was acquired by Japanese Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. in 1990.

About BWE

Burmeister and Wain Energy A/S designs and delivers high-efficiency power plant boilers for the energy industry. As the world’s oldest boiler producer, the company has since 1852 developed, designed and delivered highly advanced steam boilers for public as well as private power distributers. Like BWSC, BWE has its roots in Burmeister & Wain.

On 4 February 2017, BWSC entered into an agreement for the acquisition of BWE’s biomass activities following a short insolvency procedure of BWE, which was initiated in mid-January 2017.

Contact information:
Anders Heine Jensen, CEO, BWSC, telephone +45 4814 0022.