News and Media | 02-09-2005

Bahamas Electricity Corporation signs contract with BWSC


In September 2005, Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) signed a contract with BWSC for the delivery of a 1 x 18 MW extension to the Clifton Pier Power Station. Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (MES) is the nominated supplier of the low speed diesel engine.

BEC is the public utility producing and supplying electricity to the Bahamas. BWSC obtained its first contract with BEC in 1990 and has since then had a continuous, fruitful and successful corporation with BEC on many different contracts.

This contract is for the design, engineering, supply, construction, test and commissioning of an 18 MW Low Speed Diesel Generating Unit to be installed in the existing power house on the Clifton Pier Power Station. The low speed diesel engine is a MAN B&W 12K50MC-S supplied by MES.

Delivery time for the project is 15 months - i.e. by December 2006, but BWSC will endeavor to obtain delivery already by September 2006.