News and Media | 06-06-2016

CEO of BWSC in Danish Broadcasting Corporation interview about the Brexit


Anders Heine Jensen, CEO of BWSC, has once again been interviewed to evaluate the possible consequences if the UK will leave the European Union - known as the 'Brexit'.  

The broadcast follows Anders Heine Jensen going to the newly inaugurated Brigg biomass power plant in Lincolnshire. He states that Denmark, and especially BWSC, exports a great part of its energy technology to the UK and that it might affect the business negatively if the UK ends up leaving the European Union. More specifically, the turnover would decrease in the long term if the Brexit results in fewer UK-based projects for the company. In total, BWSC has eight projects in the UK which makes it a significant market for the biomass business. 

Even though BWSC is also working on additional markets, Anders Heine Jensen is crossing his fingers for the UK to stay within the European Union after the referendum on 23 June. 

Full broadcast in Danish