News and Media | 30-07-2007

Energética Camaçari Muricy I signed contract with BWSC


On 25 July, 2007, Energética Camaçari Muricy I (EMC I) signed a contract with BWSC and MAN Diesel (in Consortium) covering equipment for a 148 MW standby power station to be built in Camaçari approximately 30 km from Salvador, Bahia, and 800 km north of Rio de Janeiro.

The project covers delivery of 8 diesel gensets (by MAN Diesel) and mechanical auxiliaries, control system for the entire plant and transportation of gensets plus auxiliaries to site (by BWSC). BWSC’s ‘package’ must be shipped by 31 May 2008 at the latest. A supervision package (to be split between BWSC and MAN Diesel) is included in the order. The plant is to be in commercial operation before 1 January 2009.

Furthermore, ECM I has informed that they will negotiate an O&M contract with MAN Diesel/BWSC for the operation of the plant.

This contract is BWSC’s first challenge on the huge Brazilian market, where the power demand is presently growing rapidly and is expected to continue growing in the coming years.