News and Media | 30-03-2008

Electricidade dos Açores signed contract with BWSC


In March 2008, Electricidade dos Açores (EDA) signed a contract with BWSC for a 3.4 MW extension of the Pico Power Plant on the island of Pico, the Azores, Portugal. This contract is the 6th contract between EDA and BWSC since 1995 and it brings the number of BWSC delivered diesel generation units to the Azores up to a total of 8 and the capacity up to 57 MW.

BWSC extended the Pico Power Plant in 2006, and the present new extension order comprises a new and identical MAN 7L32/40 diesel generator unit with all mechanical auxiliaries, boiler, extended MV switchboard, step-up transformer etc. The extension is to be delivered by July 2010.

The Pico Power Plant is the only power plant on the island and is therefore crucial for the local society. Pico island has experienced an increase of electricity consumption of more than 10% in 2006–2007, a development which is expected to continue for which reason EDA has made this investment in new capacity.