News and Media | 30-04-2006

Order for a 16 MW power plant expansion


In April 2006, BWSC received an order for a 16 MW power plant expansion for Phase 3 of the Expansion Program concluded between MAN B&W Augsburg and its strategic partner Caribbean Utilities Company Ltd. (CUC) in 1998. The expansion consists of 1 x MAN B&W 14V48/60 medium speed diesel engine, all auxiliary systems, and an extension to the power house built in Phase 1. Taking Over is scheduled to take place in June 2007.

To meet the growing demand for electricity power in Grand Cayman the Caribbean Utilities Company Ltd. (CUC), the only public electrical utility in Grand Cayman, signed a 10-year Strategic Alliance Agreement in 1998 with MAN B&W Augsburg for the design and installation of diesel generating units on a turnkey basis (called the ’Year 2000 Expansion Program’). BWSC was selected as principal subcontractor responsible for project management, plant design, and supply of balance of plant.

In 2000, BWSC supplied a 24 MW power plant as Phase 1 of the Expansion Program, based on 2 x MAN B&W 12V48/60 medium speed diesel generating units and auxiliary systems and a power house building prepared for one additional engine.

In 2003, as Phase 2, BWSC supplied a 12 MW power plant expansion consisting of 1 x MAN B&W 12V48/60 medium speed diesel engine and auxiliary systems installed in the powerhouse built in the previous Phase.

BWSC is very pleased to learn that CUC has been satisfied with the delivery and performance of Phases 1 and 2 and that the Strategic Alliance Agreement has again proven its value and led to the order for Phase 3.