New brand

Ever better energy

The global energy sector is changing fast, and BWSC is evolving to better help our customers succeed. We have refined our role in the industry as a provider of technical, operational, projects and advisory services not only for diesel, hybrid, and boiler-based power plants, but now also for other types of green energy facilities and technology developers.

To underscore these changes, we are launching a new corporate identity, with a fresh-looking logo that better captures our spirit today and a new slogan: Ever better energy. The slogan draws attention to the big-picture perspective we take on energy-related facilities, firm believe in continuous improvement, our devotion to you, our customers, and our support for the green energy transition.

What’s new

  • Expanded offerings within Distributed Control Systems, renewables integration, plant surveys and fuel conversions
  • Even greater technology independence
  • Services for new green tech providers
  • A new business unit – Green Energy Solutions

What’s not

  • The same great people you’ve always relied on
  • Our unique technical capabilities and industry insight
  • Our commitment to You - our customer - and your success
  • Our ownership by Mitsui E&S of Japan

To learn more, our new corporate brochure is online today. 

Our new corporate brochure