Pembroke power station consist of East Power Station and North Power Station. 
Our history with BELCO going back to the first contract in 1982. Since then we have had several contracts with BELCO, including East Power Station with 2 x 12.8 MW low speed engines in 1984 and 1985, 2 x 14.8 MW in 2000 and 2 x 14.8 MW in 2005. Further, we have had several service activities at the Pembroke Power Station site, including a 5-year service agreement with spare parts, upgrade and maintenance works – latest the ongoing repair of two of the East Power Station radiators.

In 2020, we handed over the North Power Station, a full turnkey EPC plant consisting of 4 x 14.4 MW MAN 14V51/60 dual fuel engines totalling 56 MW, with all mechanical auxiliaries, electrical auxiliaries and civil works.

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