Understanding sustainability

For BWSC, sustainability and corporate social responsibiiity (CSR) are about making the right choices. We set criteria for the company’s environmental, social and governance activities and how they impact our surroundings.


Sustainability and CSR

Setting criteria for our environmental impact includes managing our energy use and carbon footprint as well as our use and disposal of waste, water and resources. When we set criteria for social matters, BWSC is referring to our business relations with customers, suppliers, employees, financial partners, communities and other stakeholders. These criteria outline our expectations for values, community involvement, health, safety, labour and other social requirements. We are committed to following OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises as a standard for our business practices. BWSC does not tolerate unlawful behaviour and has a number of procedures in place to help combat the risk of corruption and bribery.

Minimising environmental impact

Minimising carbon emissions

Human and labour rights

Business integrity
Transparency and integrity

Our contribution
Sustainable development goals

Social impact
Community engagement

Sustainability is the core of our business

The CSR and Sustainability report 2018/19 outlines the policies and processes we have in place to manage and mitigate social, environmental and ethical risks. The report also shows how we work to support international standards, such as the UN Global Compact and how we contribute to the United Nations Sustainability Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility brochure

UK Modern Slavery Act policy statement

Since our foundation, our aspiration has been to supply energy solutions that create value for all stakeholders and today our reference for determining the value we create is also defined within the United Nations’ sustainability goals.

Nikolaj Holmer Nissen, CEO