Social impact

Community engagement

At BWSC, we believe that it is important to contribute to the wider community and to take responsibility for the impact we have on society through our work practices, our business and our behaviour.

Working together with our employees, clients, partners and stakeholders, we strive to have a positive influence by engaging the people around us and creating benefits for them when feasible.

We are actively involved in local communities – from providing small funds for educational, recreational,environmental and wildlife projects to enhancing the local water supply in deprived areas, supporting local and international charities and providing work experience for local students.

When we work in the midst of communities, we have a responsibility to act in a way that is considerate and takes into account the views and opinions of local residents. We also recognise we have the opportunity to improve facilities and surroundings and contribute to the local economy through employment and other opportunities.

Our values
How we act

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