Business integrity

Transparency and integrity

For BWSC, business integrity includes compliance with laws and regulations regarding anti-corruption, bribery and extortion.

Our business integrity management adheres to the UN Global Compact’s ten principles, and we are committed to following OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises as a standard for our business practices.

While BWSC has its headquarters in Denmark, which is one of the world’s least corrupt countries, according to the Corruption Perceptions Index, we also operate in certain high-risk jurisdictions that have different legal and cultural frameworks.

BWSC does not tolerate unlawful behaviour and has a number of procedures in place to help combat the risk of corruption and bribery among stakeholders and when choosing our suppliers, subcontractors and external experts. We strive to work with clients and suppliers to understand the risks and mitigate them within parameters of local law and international standards.

BWSC also has a Whistle-blower system in place via an external provider which enables all BWSC employees to anonymously report misconduct, fraud or other criminal activities.

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