Minimising carbon emissions

BWSC has made it a priority to minimise the carbon footprint of our power plants as well as of our own business activities. 

Our goal is to continuously improve the technology and products we offer in our markets, helping our customers to produce more power, while using fewer resources.

The power plants delivered by BWSC and our partners are based on biomass, waste, diesel/gas or hybrid technology. The biomass fuelled applications that BWSC offers are considered CO2-neutral due to the fact that biomass, if not combusted, would release the same amount of CO2 if it decomposed naturally.

All BWSC built power plants, regardless of the fuel type and technology, always operate in accordance with national and international environmental legislation and standards, including CO2 emission standards for thermal power plants.

In addition to supplying CO2-reducing technology, BWSC is focused on reducing the carbon footprint of our own activities. We currently monitor and report our energy use and carbon emissions stemming from use of office buildings, construction sites, business-related air travel and transportation of goods and services. Plans and strategies for further reducing our internal energy consumption are updated each year in our annual report.

Minimising environmental impact

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