How we minimise our environmental impact

Setting high environmental standards for BWSC requires us to manage our energy use and carbon footprint as well as our use and disposal of  waste, water and resources.

For BWSC, environmentally responsible behaviour includes complying with regional and international environmental laws and regulations, minimising our impact on the environment and climate as well as responsible resource consumption and waste disposal.

In addition joining our partners to supply advanced CO2-reducing technology to our customers, BWSC is ISO 14001 certified, committing us to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

BWSC places a major focus on reducing the carbon footprint of activities directly owned and controlled by us. We currently monitor and report our energy use and carbon emissions linked to our use of office buildings, construction sites and business related air travel. 

Efforts to further lower our internal resource consumption are ongoing, and improvements will be updated each year in our annual report.

Minimising carbon emissions

Our contribution
Sustainable development goals