Biomass boilers

Economically attractive biomass projects

The biomass-to-energy market is growing worldwide.

In many countries, regulatory incentives are in place making biomass projects economically attractive. In addition, many countries have huge volumes of biomass waste that needs to be removed in an environmentally friendly way. BWSC can deliver boilers and help you realise your plans regardless which biomass waste you have available.

With a BWSC biomass boiler system, power providers can make a smooth transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

The BWSC biomass-to-energy power production cycle:

  • agricultural waste products, wood pellets or other biomass products are gathered and delivered to the power plant
  • a specialised fuel feeding system transports the biomass fuel to the boiler’s grate where it is combusted at about 1,400°C
  • water circulates through the boiler’s evaporator system where it turns to steam. Internal  super- heaters raise the steam temperature up to 540°C
  • the steam then drives the turbine, turning the generator to produce electricity for the grid. Or it is  converted into heat energy, so it can be used for district heating, district cooling, manufacturing  process steam or any combination as needed

Bioenergy benefits

  • delivers reliable baseload energy (in contrast to wind and solar)
  • increases energy security
  • reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • provides jobs and regional development