Biomass boilers

Grate fired

Our boiler solutions use proven technologies that draw on decades of development and experience

We offer a wide range of biomass boilers for a variety of bio fuels, either as part of a turnkey EPC contract or as only a boiler or boiler island.

Our boilers range from 15-70 MWe and are optimized for power production. Elevated steam parameters combined with state-of-the art combustion systems guarantee reliable solutions and high plant efficiency.

Our boilers offer high fuel flexibility and solutions are available for all virgin fuels. Traditional wood chips or agricultural waste products with high chlorine / high alkali content can be used.

Grate-fired boilers

We can build grate-fired boilers with a heat input range of 50-165 MW. 


The boiler is a bottom supported, naturally-circulated drum type boiler, with membrane walls and hanging super-heaters. The combustion takes place on a water-cooled vibrating grate, controlled by a three-zone combustion air system. A specially designed heat displacement system eliminates corrosion in the boiler cold end.


Additional features:

  • wet bottom ash conveyor system
  • integrated SNCR system for NOx reduction (optional)
  • integrated low dust SCR
  • stoker feeding for straw (up to 50% supplementary firing of e.g. wood chips)
  • spreader feeding for chips