Small to mid-scale LNG solutions

Combining small to mid-scale LNG floating storage and regasification units (FSRU) with floating power barges provides flexible and easy access to emerging energy markets.

As liquid natural gas (LNG) becomes more readily available, gas-based solutions on floating infrastructure have become commercially viable.

LNG-to-power solutions are based on existing designs for FSRUs and power barges as well as advances in both technologies. The power barge design can be adapted to particular project requirements and constraints. Design features include integrating the power barge’s waste heat for regasification.

Flexible solution

The power barge is equipped with multiple, large bore reciprocating engines operating in either pure gas mode or dual fuel systems using oil as a back-up fuel. This ensures high availability and efficiency from low loads to maximum capacity. In addition, the efficiency of reciprocating engines does not derate until an ambient temperature of 39°C or more is reached, which provides an advantage over other generation technologies in tropical areas. 

With a very low draught of less than four metres, a power barge does not occupy valuable quay space. Emission levels comply with World Bank Guidelines, and equipped with abatement systems, the power barge can meet even stricter emission limits.

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