Dual fuel, diesel and HFO

The baseload choice

We can guide your decision-making, if you need an engine-based power plant for your base, semi-base or peak-load power generation. We advise on utilities, IPP or captive power.

Fuel choice will depend on the availability of natural gas (NG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the region. If gas is available, a dual fuel engine might be the best choice. Otherwise an engine power generation based on heavy fuel oil (HFO) results in competitive prices/kWh due to:

  • electrical efficiency up to nearly 50%
  • full nominal output up to 35°C ambient temperature
  • flexible and fuel-efficient operation under part-load conditions
  • less than 1% efficiency degradation during normal lifespan
  • easy maintenance = stable operation for years

Engine overview:

  • high quality models from world-leading manufacturers  
  • specific fuel oil consumption
  • efficient maintenance due to standardised solutions
  • ability to operate on all kinds of commercially available fuels high level of availability and reliability
  • highly competitive capital costs fast-track project implementation
  • expected lifespan: +20 years

Hybrid solutions
Maximise renewable penetration while lowering your operation cost

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