Non-bio to bio

A sustainable alternative to fossil fuels

Biomass is regarded as a carbon-neutral, renewable alternative to fossil fuels.

In many countries, there is a strong political desire to implement renewable energy and to convert to biomass-based energy generation via economic incentives.

And since SO2 and NOx emissions are lower for biomass than most fossil fuels, converting a fossil-fired boiler to biomass can reduce or even eliminate the cost of complying with current and future legislation. 

An additional advantage is that a biomass conversion can allow for older units to operate for an extended period under conditions that are both profitable and environmentally sound.

Existing coal, HFO and gas boilers can be converted to biomass firing, based on biomass pellets, wood chips or agro residues. This requires an upgrade of the fuel supply and preparation system as well as an evaluation of the boiler suitability and any necessary modifications. In most cases current fuels can be maintained along with the biomass, increasing the boilers fuel flexibility.