Island solutions

Optimised power solutions

BWSC is an experienced provider of power plants to many of the world’s islands and can deliver hybrid power solution to incorporate renewable generation sources into an island grid. With an interrelated hybrid solution, it is possible to increase renewable penetration maintaining high reliability and keeping low costs.

With our various experiences from a vast number of islands around the world e.g. several of the Caribbean Islands, BWSC has the knowledge and track record of implementing viable solutions ensuring e.g. critical grid stability and operational excellence.

In on-grid hybrid solutions, power generation based on biomass and waste can provide a stable baseload throughout the day. Intermittent renewable generation sources, like solar PV and wind, provide variable power generation to the system whilst reciprocating engines generate power to balance the supply and demand of power in the system. Reciprocating gas or diesel engines operate efficiently even though the load pattern varies due to their dynamic characteristics and large flexibility.

If the grid is in the need of an energy management system (EMS), BWSC can with our hybrid controller upgrade the entire system to optimise performance and run the entire hybrid solution in the most economically viable manner, unlocking savings on operational expenses (OPEX). We can include all components in a turnkey contract whether engines, solar PV, wind, batteries or similar.

Reduced OPEX

BWSC delivers innovative hybrid power solutions that combine the strengths of engine-based solutions and renewable technologies from leading manufacturers. Clean and low-cost power from renewable energy sources can be combined with dispatchable power to obtain a reliable power supply at competitive prices.

Fossil fuel dependency is minimized and annual OPEX reduced and established with greater certainty.

Our turnkey hybrid power projects range from 10 to 300 MW and are optimised for local energy sources and site conditions.

Stability, security, storage

The hybrid power plant with the various generation technologies is designed to secure a stable electrical grid and can include energy storage systems as well. Simulations are used to optimise the hybrid power system’s operation and electrical stability analysis is fundamental in delivering solid engineered solutions. We offer complete hybrid systems as well as a retrofit of existing generation assets and renewable add-on’s where we could supplement and existing engine plant with e.g. solar PV, wind, energy storage and our hybrid controller to ensure optimum performance.

We customise and optimise hybrid power projects for specific locations. We can investigate potential sites, solar and wind resources and also can perform scenario analysis to advise customers on system configuration. We can deliver complete turnkey solutions for the hybrid power system and utilise the synergies in the integrated design and construction of the system. We also offer post-construction services.

Independent integrator with full lifecycle deliveries

We assist customers worldwide throughout all or specific phases of a power plant’s life cycle. BWSC provides project development and investments (in IPP projects), turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) deliveries as well as long-term operation and maintenance (O&M), technical support, service, spare parts and training.

BWSC is independent of any technology but ensures the overall performance of our hybrid power plant. And we are on the front development always assessing new technologies in order to provide competitive solutions. Currently we are assessing the production of hydrogen at the mine site utilising otherwise clipped renewable power by integrating an electrolysis facility into our hybrid power plant. This will replace the fuel costs for e.g. the long-haul outbound mining trucks.

BWSC is your independent integrator of any hybrid solution.

Independent power producer

Operation and maintenance