We listen to our customers

The secret

Our success is owed to decades of worldwide experience. But there is also a secret ingredient: listening to our customers and understanding their requirements.

Tailor-made solutions

From the very beginning of any assignment or cooperation, we spend valuable hours identifying the optimal solution. We go to great lengths to be flexible. We take pride in supporting our customers and partners to ensure that decisions and agreements are based on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience in power plant operation. Sometimes, we see things from a different angle, but we always find an amicable solution, and this is what makes for a strong cooperation.

Going the extra mile

We take pride in always meeting our contracts and agreements. We deliver on time, on budget and at the specified performance level. A deal is a deal! Even so, we sometimes go beyond the contract to deliver more than the deal, e.g. to provide shorter delivery times when prompt action is required. Or to secure improved performance where the available technology allows. 

When the situation calls for immediate remedy, we tackle matters directly, assessing the problem to find and implement the right solution. Later, we tend to the paperwork and any financial or legal issues. Based on this policy, BWSC’s reputation for fast and reliable technical solutions is well-established in the industry.

We go the extra mile to find a solution, whether within or beyond the contract.


Working together

Working in difficult, remote and challenging environments is customary to us; however, we cannot succeed alone. To achieve results, BWSC relies on cooperation and teamwork with our main equipment suppliers, local service providers and, most importantly, our customers. It is the backbone of the BWSC philosophy: Our customers and suppliers are our partners! We are in this together, with mutually agreed targets and success criteria.

BWSC also invests in and co-owns a number of the plants which we build and operate – proof that we have faith and confidence in our own organization. 

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