Our job is to keep you from worrying

Safeguarding your plant

Successfully operating a power plant is a 24/7 task. As a plant owner or investor, you anticipate and expect smooth, continuous operation with high levels of availability and reliability. But no matter how well-prepared, issues will inevitably arise, and it is imperative to have experienced, qualified and dedicated people on hand, ready to find solutions so no time is wasted. We provide O&M services around the clock to protect your investment, and secure the plant’s availability.

Enabling the right people to make the right decisions

We believe that when possible, power plant decisions should be made locally – not behind a desk at headquarters. Our well-trained and loyal employees make this possible. We empower them with full responsibility, enable them to take action and solve issues wherever they are stationed.

Health and safety are our topmost priorities. Our staff ensures that our high safety standards are upheld. O&M contracts are run by teams with an intimate knowledge of the plants and, therefore, acute awareness of any potential risks.

Financial investors, developers, and other partners hire us to operate and maintain their power plants. With bankable contracts, we minimize their investement risk, improve their asset performance, and ensure them a good night's sleep - every night.