Engineering, procurement and construction

Connecting the dots of contracting

Customers reduce their risk and gain budgetary security by hiring a single contractor in a EPC arrangement.

When building power plants, it often makes financial sense to hire BWSC to do engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).  

BWSC has the in-house engineering expertise to handle virtually every aspect of the design process: from electrical and mechanical engineering to civil works. 

With the design in place, our procurement department can laisse with the engineers, mobilise and secure the market’s best equipment at the best prices. 

Procurement is a crucial part of a project’s success, which is why BWSC has put extra focus on our optimising and streamlining our supply chains. Every part needs to be ordered and delivered at the right time – if ordered too early it takes up space on the construction site. If it arrives too late, delays quickly occur. 

During the construction phase, all of the physical elements come together in a highly choreographed procedure where 15 tonne generators need to be manoeuvred and installed along with transformers, fuel storage and the hundreds of other systems that make up a state-of-the-art power plant. 

Because BWSC, handles all of these disciplines as one company, the EPC setup offers investors and developers a number of advantages: one point of contact, reduced risk, and an agile project organisation. 

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