Project management

How we turn empty fields into power plants

Our ability to manage projects and take ownership of the process provides our customers with the best assurance that their power plant is completed on time and on budget. 

BWSC often assumes the role of project manager where we integrate and coordinate the three areas of engineering, procurement and construction.  

We take ownership of the contract and make it come to life. We adapt to real-life situations and follow local guidelines and environmental regulations. And we handover a power plant that meets or surpasses the specifications outlined in the contract.

Even though BWSC employees come from more than 23 nationalities, our employees speak the same language and share the BWSC culture, so to speak. 

Problems get solved. Misunderstandings are avoided. Responsibility is assumed.  

Virtually all of the technical and logistical disciplines needed to build a power plant are contained in the BWSC organisation. That makes it possible for our project directors to quickly locate and access the specialist that can order the parts needed for a turbine, or fix a problem with pilings on the construction site.

The key benefit for our customers is foreseeable costs and credible timelines. That way, they plan their budgets based on when power is delivered to end users.