Combined heat and power

Utilizing fuel to the full

Supplying heat to urban areas or industry can be combined with any type of thermal power plant, but is most commonly applied in connection with renewable energy plants or gas-fired engine plants in temperate climate zones.

We can fit power plants with utilisation and export/distribution systems so excess heat augments energy use and improves plant profitability.

Combined heat and power (CHP) plants typically use cogeneration of heat in the form of hot water, which is distributed by district heating networks to residential housing, or steam and/or hot water for use in nearby industrial processes.

Combined heat and power overview:

  • state-of-the-art energy producing unit(s) 
  • heat extraction systems arranged to suit local heat demand and quality requirements and to maximise profitability  
  • flexible CHP configuration to allow for variations in power and heat demand
  • heat distribution system when applicable
  • heat storage system when applicable